Matching and Mixing for VSR related researchers in the LSA conference

Dear members,

As you might have noticed, last week the call for papers and panels has been released for the yearly LSA conference. The LSA conference will take place in Lisbon this year and many of you may be considering joining the conference. The VSR board would like to make an overview of the researchers interested in joining and offer a platform in order to get in touch with oneanother on preparation for the conference.

We reckon that especially early career researchers might want to contact oneanother in order to set up a peer review procedure for abstracts for example or establish other initiatives to prepare jointly for the coming conference. The VSR has created a survey which you may use to be matched with other researchers. Everyone that fills in the survey before the 28th of October and is interested in being matched, will be linked to colleagues.  A reminder of this deadline will be published a week in advance.

The survey only consists of a number of questions and will only take you between 3 or 4 minutes to fill in. The will be distributed through VSR channels as well as the ELS network. We also kindly invite you to send the link to other interested researchers. The link to the survey may be found here.

Wer thank you kindly in avance and hope to create some pre conference VSR networks!