Seminar 18th of June 14:00, ‘The Fact/Value Distinction in Empirical-Legal Research and Young Researchers Present’

Dear members and those taking an interest in VSR activities,

On the 18the of June the VSR is organizing a seminar titled ‘The Fact/Value Distinction in Empirical-Legal Research and Young Researchers Present’.

After the keynote address on the fact value distinction we will be discussing doing research and the various methodological and substantive problems that may occur such as the relationship between empirical finding an legal practices. Various young researchers will present and will share with us their results. They will obtain feedback from senior researchers and professors who have already earned their stripes. The day promises to be interesting and fruitful with clear ideas and insights.

Below you may find the program, containing a varied mix of subjects, researchers and an interesting keynote. We already look forward to all the contributions and discussions on the 18th.


14:00: opening of the seminar and VSR

14:05: Keynote address door Vincent Geeraets: The Fact / Norm Distinction in Empirical Legal Research

14:35: Antony Pemberton: Reflection

14:50: Discussion


15:00- 15:30 break


15:30 Parallel session1 (Language English, chair: Elke Olthuis)

15:30 Lisa Ansems: ‘From Empirical Findings to the Normative Domain of Law’

15:45 Reflection and comments: Benjamin van Rooij

16:00 Erin Jackson: ‘A European judicial culture: does one exist and what is it? Perspectives from European judges and legal professionals’

16:15 Reflection and comments: Phil Paiement

16:30 – 17:00 discussion


15:30 Parallel session 2 (Language Dutch, Chair Ellen Desmet)

15:30 Danse de Bondt: ‘Breaking whose rules? Agency, power and serious games in rural Uganda’

15: 45 Reflection and comments: Agnes Schreiner

15:55 Nada Heddane & Judith van Uden ‘Marriage and Migration in Morocco: experiences of Syrian and sub-Saharan migrants’

16:10 Reflection and comments: Betty de Hart

16: 20 Alma Besic ‘Language socialization of first year Erasmus School of Law students’

16:35 Reflection and comments: Marc Simon Thomas

16:45 Discussion


17:00 closure


We are looking forward to this great exchange of ideas between the old guard and young talent! You may find the abstracts below.

We hope to see you all during this seminar! The seminar is accessible through a link which has been sent to the members and can also be found here:

A pass should not be necessary but if it is required it is: 7080848380

If you did not receive the mail, but you are keen on participating, please send a mail to

Kind regards,

Tobias Arnoldussen

Abstract Lisa Ansems From Empirical Findings to the Normative Domain of Law

Abstract Erin Jackson European Legal Cultures

Abstract Danse de Bondt Breaking Whose Rules Agency Power and serious games in rural Uganda

Abstract Heddane en Van Uden Marriage and migration in Morocco

Abstract Alma Besic Language socialization of first year Erasmus School of Law students