Inaugural lecture Marijke Malsch

Far-reaching changes are presently occurring in legal systems. The rule of
law is becoming less self-evident in several countries worldwide. New types
of crime – like organizational crime, human trafficking, money laundering and
various types of online crime – are on the rise. Several miscarriages of
justice have been detected worldwide, creating an imperative for in-depth
analysis of their potential causes. The involvement of disciplines other than
the legal in the court system is becoming increasingly important. A
considerable challenge is posed by the communication between the legal
discipline and the social sciences and forensic disciplines.
This booklet, an enriched version of the author’s inaugural lecture, examines
the extent to which empirical studies are used in legal practice, how more
extensive use could be promoted, and what risks are associated with these
studies being ignored. The lecture also contains a look into the future:
various new topics for research are presented. It thereby intends to help to
promote further growth of the field of Empirical Legal Studies.

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