Call for papers seminar 18th of June,

Dear members and colleagues,

The VSR cordially invites you to participate in and submit a paper for a seminar hosted by the VSR on the 18th of June, 14.00 – 17:00, online via zoom. The seminar will show case the work of young research talent. Young researchers and PhD candidates have the opportunity to obtain feedback from senior researchers during this seminar and of course from the audience.

During the day there will be two parallel sessions with three papers each. For each paper half an hour is available for presentation (15. min.) and discussion (15 min.). A senior researcher will start the discussion.

The VSR would like to provide a stage to early career researchers this day, so if you like to present a finished paper or discuss work in progress in the company of an experienced researcher, please come and present during this seminar! Each submission will be matched with an experienced discussant prior to the seminar to make sure robust commentary will be provided. There is no central theme to this seminar so each paper with a social scientific angle on law is welcome. If the number of submissions exceed the number of slots available, a selection will be made. However, if your paper is not selected this time around and there is enough interest, then you will get the opportunity to participate during a possible second seminar in autumn.  Non VSR members can participate too, so feel free to share this invitation in your network.

Preceding the the parallelsessions, Vincent Geeraets, assistant professor at the Free University of Amsterdam will deliver a lecture on on the fact / norm distinction and its relevance for empirical legal research. During the opening of the event Danielle Chevalier will officially accept her position as the chair of the board.

We hope to see you all at this seminar! The link will be provided in due course. Unless you would like to present a paper, registering is not necessary as a VSR member. If you would like to present, please send a message to and mention in the topic line: Paper Seminar June 18.