Announcement VSRxELS PhD School

The VSRxELS PhD School, jointly organized by the VSR and the ELS Academy, proudly announces that it has reached full capacity. The event has attracted more than 40 PhD candidates from the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, and the USA.

The two-day event, scheduled for July 4th and 5th, promises an engaging program filled with keynote speeches and workshops led by senior researchers. With a focus on methodology and navigating academia, participants can expect to gain valuable insights and enhance their research skills.

On the first day, attendees will delve into the intricacies of methodology, guided by the expertise of prof. dr. mr. Betty de Hart (VU Amsterdam). She will share her profound knowledge in legal, historical and empirical research on transnational families and migration law, setting the stage for an enlightening exploration. The day will also include a series of workshops designed to foster interaction between early career researchers and seniors.

The second day of the event will revolve around navigating the academic landscape, with a keynote address by dr. Sinan Çankaya (VU Amsterdam). Dr. Çankaya’s insights will provide valuable guidance and inspire participants as they navigate their research journeys. The day will continue with workshops aimed at refining research skills and expanding professional horizons.

The full program can be found here: Program Pre-conference PhD days VSR 2023

The VSRxELS PhD School serves as a precursor to the VSR Annual Conference, aptly named ‘The Next Generation.’

Best regards,
from the VSRxELS PhD School organizing committee

Elke Olthuis (UvA)
Dorien Claessen (UU/HU)
Kimia Heidary (UL)
Ayse Güdük (UGent)
Josje de Vogel (EUR)