About the VSR

The VSR contributes to the practice of socio-legal studies, bringing together practitioners in sociology of law, legal anthropology, legal psychology, as well as legal professionals, public administrators, criminologists, and individuals from governance and policy practices interested in research in this field.

The VSR publishes its own journal, Recht der Werkelijkheid, which appears three times a year. VSR members receive this journal automatically, and every third issue of the volume is a thematic edition.

The association organizes an annual conference, general assembly, PhD School and study days. The VSR has approximately 170 members in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Recent themes addressed in the past years include Law and Development, Migrants and Law, Interdisciplinarity, The Future of Legal Sociology in Judicial Policy, and the Relationship of Sociology of Law to the disciplines of Sociology, Law, Criminology, and Public Administration.

The VSR serves as an advocate for the research community, engaging in interactions with universities, NWO (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research), and other associations.