Recht der Werkelijkheid

Recht der Werkelijkheid is a double-blind, peer-reviewed journal related to the Association for the Socio-Legal Study of Law (VSR), published by Boom Juridische Uitgevers [link to website]. Established in 1980, the journal serves as an interdisciplinary platform for reflecting on law from the perspectives of socio-legal studies, legal anthropology, public administration, law and economics, and

Announcement VSRxELS PhD School

The VSRxELS PhD School, jointly organized by the VSR and the ELS Academy, proudly announces that it has reached full capacity. The event has attracted more than 40 PhD candidates from the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, and the USA. The two-day event, scheduled for July 4th and 5th, promises an engaging program filled with keynote

Vacancy 5-year socio-legal PhD position

The Department Law, Society & Crime of Erasmus School of Law in Rotterdam welcomes applications for a socio-legal PhD project that will focus on one of the following research themes: 1) socialization, inclusion and exclusion affecting early career legal professionals; 2) the influence of reactive regulation on professional practice; 3) the importance of non-judicial actors for

5th Conflict Resolution Seminar

On Friday 16 June at 12:30 CET the Research Group Institutions for Conflict Resolution has the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Dory Reiling to deliver the 5th Conflict Resolution Seminar. Dr. Reiling will speak about a new European research project on digitalisation of civil justice systems, the use of technology by the judiciary and access to justice. The lecture