RdW podcast Access to Justice in a digital era: Marieke Dubelaar

‘Access to Justice in a digital era’ is a podcast in which academics talk about their research and how law works in practice.

The guests are academics who contributed to the special issue “Access to Justice in a digital era” of the Journal of Empirical Research on Law in Action (Recht der Werkelijkheid).

Here  you can listen to a conversation with a conversation with Marieke Dubelaar.

The COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on everyone in a way nobody could have predicted and the judicial system was no exception. Marieke Dubelaar, together with María Bruquetas-Callejo and Karen Geertsema, analysed the role of the lawyer in criminal law, immigration detention law and asylum law in the context of digitalisation measures during the COVID-19 lockdowns in the Netherlands.

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