2023 COI congress: Just institutional approaches to conflict prevention and resolution

In cooperation with the research groups in Leiden and Nijmegen, The Utrecht Research Cluster Empirical Legal Research into Institutions for Conflict Resolution (ERI) is organising the second international conference of the Sector Plan Law theme Institutions for Conflict Resolution. We would like to send you again the call for abstracts and panels.

We can now announce that Prof Rebecca Sandefur, Prof Tom Tyler and Prof Veronika Fikfak will give a keynote at this congress.

The 2023 COI congress will take place on 28 and 29 September 2023 and will cover:

Just institutional approaches to conflict prevention and resolution

It is essential that substantive (1) and procedural (2) legal rules and public actors (3) endeavour – in practice – to prevent or resolve conflicts in society. This is important at local, national, European, and international levels. In addition to preventing or resolving conflicts in the legal context, these three formal institutions must also maintain rule of law values and legitimacy. These three formal, legal mechanisms (substantive law, procedural law, and public actors) are hereafter referred to as institutional approaches. Such institutional approaches to conflict prevention and resolution are often found in regulation, law enforcement and compensation mechanisms or other remedies, and in formal decision-making by courts and other public institutional actors. However, the premise that these substantive and procedural legal rules, and public actors should contribute to preventing and resolving conflicts in society is highly complex and not always self-evident. This conference aims to identify just institutional approaches that seek (real) conflict prevention and conflict resolution in the legal context.

The call for abstracts and panel is out! The deadline is 24 March 2023.

We hope to welcome many researchers in Utrecht!

Kind regards,

Nathalie Dobson, Julie Fraser, Lize Glas (Radboud), Joost Huijer,
Machiko Kanetake & Rianka Rijnhout