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The link below leads you to a job opening at the Universty of Amsterdam, which is looking for an Assistant Professor on Law and Behaviour. Applications are welcome until April 1, 2022.



Member of the VSR Financial Audit Committee wanted

Currently we are looking for a new member of the financial audit committee of the VSR. The audit commission consists of two members who are not board members and is tasked with controlling the yearly financial report drafted by the treasurer of the VSR. One of the current members has indicated that it was time someone else would takee over, the other member remains in the committee.

Being a member of the committee does not require a lot of time, but is important for the conitunation of the association. There is one task: at the end of the year the committee checks the financial report, (the balance sheet, the budget and the written report) by reviewing the documentation provided by the treasurer. The committee verbally reports its finding during the yearly VSR meeting of the members.

It would be very welcome if we would have an audit committee back at full strength soon!

Responses as well as questions for further clarification may be mailed to MArc Simon Thomas.

Thank you very much in advance and kind regards,

the VSR board