RdW podacst Access to Justice in a digital era: Anne Janssen

‘Access to Justice in a digital era’ is a podcast in which academics talk about their research and how law works in practice.

The guests are academics who contributed to the special issue “Access to Justice in a digital era” of the Journal of Empirical Research on Law in Action (Recht der Werkelijkheid).

Here you can listen to a conversation with a conversation with a conversation with Anne Janssen

During the first 6 weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic the hearings of (urgent) family cases continued with the use of telephones, Skype or in hybrid format. This created all kinds of participation challenges. Anne Janssen examines to what extent litigants were able to effectively participate during these hearings. To do so she applies McKeever’s remote justice framework, the so-called ‘ladder of legal participation’ to these specific litigants.

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