Recht der Werkelijkheid

Recht der Werkelijkheid is the VSR Journal.  

VSR Yearly Conference 2019: Shifting powers

start: 14:00 Startdatum: 10-01-2019 Titel: Schuivende machten: jaarvergadering VSR Locatie: Hotel van der Werff, Schiermonnikoog Contactgegevens Marijke Malsch (NSCR/VU)Bart van Klink (VU) Sprekers: prof. dr. mr. Ruth de Bock, dr. mr. Mustafa Yaylali De VSR houdt op 10 en 11 januari 2019 haar Jaarvergadering op Schiermonnikoog. Voor meer informatie kunt u hier terecht. De jaarvergadering

Program and documents annual conference VSR

On this page you may find the documents (in Dutch) in preparation of the 2019 yearly conference organised by the Free University (VU) on Schiermonnikoog: The program can be found here You may find: The VSR yearly meeting agenda VSR Jaarvergadering 2019 – Agenda The minutes of the past yearly meeting: Bijlage 1 – VSR

New Website released!

This is it, the new VSR website! The site is easy to navigate due to the menus on the top. The more material we receive the more lively the site will become. It is a start in any case and we hope the users and the visitors of the site will be happy with it!