RdW podcastAccess to Justice in a digital era: Stine Pillgaard Perner Nielsen

Access to Justice in a digital era’ is a podcast in which academics talk about their research and how law works in practice. The guests are academics who contributed to the special issue “Access to Justice in a digital era” of the Journal of Empirical Research on Law in Action (Recht der Werkelijkheid).

Here you can listen to a conversation with Stine Pillgaard Perner Nielsen

Personal assistance in a world of digitalised public services is important. Stine Piilgaard Porner Nielsen, together with Ole Hammerslev, analysed the role of digitalisation from a bottom-up perspective as they zoom in on socially marginalised citizens’ access to welfare rights in the context of the digitalised Danish welfare state. They conclude that the assistance of professionals can be decisive for individuals’ ability to access their rights in a digitalised welfare state.

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